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Science of the Destiny Cards

Using just your date of birth, Destiny Cards reveal information about every area of your life, encompassing finances, love, career, travel, health and relationships. Your cards represent the energies, events and people that are present for you during various parts of each year of your life.

The Science of Destiny Cards, based on astrology and numerology are a symbolic representation of the cycles that govern our world. The cards were originally used as a tool to calculate the movements of Earth and the other planets around our sun and date back at least to ancient Egypt. 

The mathematical nature of the Destiny Card System and its relationship to our calendar is illustrated below.

365 days in a year=numeric values of all the cards in the deck (including the joker)
52 weeks=number of cards in the deck
the number 52 reduced  (5+2=7)  7days in a week and 7 visible planets
12 court cards=months of the year
4 seasons=4 suits

The nature of this system is very precise making the predictions and explanations of an individual’s cards highly accurate. Card Readings offer a practical system which can be referred to throughout the year and used as an aid in managing life situations that we all encounter.

For further information about Destiny Cards contact Joy or schedule a reading online. Gift Certificates for Destiny Card Readings are also available via the View Products/Packages link on the Hours and Scheduling page.