Chrysalis Healing Arts
Inspiring the Joy of Health


"Joy Athans' touch provides both a sacred space for healing and one of the best massages I have ever experienced. She combines the perfect method at the perfect time-a true artist with practical techniques and a sense of customized improvisation. The cranio sacral work was icing on the cake. I felt so nurtured, completely relaxed and so much vitality after the session. As an educator and practitioner of Holistic Health for the last 30 years, my recommendation to experience Joy's work comes from someone who really appreciates quality massage and healing. I am confident that others will agree."

Seymour Koblin HHP

Founder of School of Healing Arts

San Diego, CA


"Love, Love, Love!!! Joy has an amazing set of hands. I have had both a massage and cranial sacral therapy which were both amazing. I was so relaxed that I fell in and out of sleep several different times. Joy is very personable and has wonderful energy which is so important to me. It is always a pleasure when I go see her and I am looking forward to many other massages!"

Heidi R

San Diego, CA


"Joy Athans brings a unique gift of massage expertise to her craft. I've never had an upper body massage before. Joy improved my overall well being in just 45 minutes. Her office was clean, professional and set the right tone for relaxing into a time of utmost pampering. I recommend Joy without reservation."

Jim G

San Diego, CA


I was so grateful Joy was able to get me in next day as I was on vacation and my back was so strained I could barely walk. Her healing touch and compassionate attention was such a blessing!  I came back the following day (she squeezed me in knowing it was a crisis) and I feel so much better. I bought a gift certificate for both cousins that live in the area and I can't wait for them to receive the blessing of her touch!  I can't wait to come back to San Diego to get another massage!  Thank you Joy you're a dear heart!

Bethany C

Fresno, CA


Wow. Joy is an excellent massage therapist. Hands down the most thorough massage I have ever had. Not only is she highly skilled, knowledgeable and professional but to top off it, she's the nicest person! I highly recommend Joy!! Also, you can make online appointments- so easy!! Just pick your timeframe and she'll be waiting for you with a warm smile :)

Deanna N

San Diego, CA


In a word ... MAGICAL

People, people, people, north county, south county, costal wherever you reside you are doing yourself a disservice if you are NOT TOUCHED once by these hands.


I am happy to say I am a repeat client and have been remiss in updating my reviews of my experience during my massage(s) / visits to  'Chrysalis Healing Arts'.

Suffice it to say, each time I visit Joy Athan's,  I am transcended to another level and this people is no BS.

I literally have to peel myself off of the massage table.

Give this service from 'Chrysalis Healing Arts' as a gift to yourself, a family member or loved one. They will love you back "I Guarantee It" or they are pulse less .

I am a firm believer in when Exceptionally Wonderful service is afforded me be it by "Taste, Touch, Sight, Sound or Smell" I have got to ring the bell.

This is my five cents as I ring the bell.

Enjoy the hands of "Joy" and feel the MAGIC!

Sydni C

San Diego, CA


What bliss!  My sister, mother and I all 3 received massages from Joy, and we are now Joy-ful plus!  From her personal warmth, to her soothing aromatherapy oils to her unmatched massage skills, Joy is a gem!

I found myself able to relax deeply, in mind, body and spirit on Joy's table, while receiving the benefit of her multiple bodywork modalities (Cranio-Sacral, Polarity, etc).

My neck hasn't felt this loose and groovy in quite a while, and my legs (which I have underwarmed up and underwarmed down when dancing) are feeling happier than they have in a long time.

I'm booking with Joy whenever I visit San Diego!!!!

Kellita M

San Francisco, CA


"Joy is an amazing massage therapist. She uses essential oils to enhance the experience. Last time I saw Joy she did her magic on my neck and shoulders. Oh my goodness, wonderful! I highly recommend Joy, she is the best in her field."

Melanie W

San Diego, CA


"A friend recommended Joy and I'm happy he did. I've seen Joy for cranial sacral and massage and absolutely love her energy and touch! I always feel great after each session. Her use of essential oils definitely enhances my experience. If I could, I'd go see Joy every day!"

Pamela A

San Diego, CA


"I had an aromatherapy massage with Joy yesterday. It was so wonderful. I didn't tell her where I hold tension, I just let her work and she found all of those spots on her own.

Joy's hands read my body like braille, I've never had a massage like that before. There was no set aganda, it seemed she responded to me personally.

If you really want bodyWORK done by someone experienced, don't go anywhere else."

Erica E

San Diego, CA


"Joy's hands are absolutely amazing. She knows just what my body needs. Her massages reach much deeper than just the physical body. I also love how Joy uses essential oils with the massage. I not only come out feeling refreshed but I smell good too! The space Joy creates is very welcoming and comfortable. I have found my body work home!"

Mallory V

San Diego, CA